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They're HERE!

The Florida Keys favorite billfish has arrived back in big numbers. Yes, I refer to the wiley & acrobatic Atlantic Sailfish. Big numbers of Sailfish are making their annual migration from the eastern seaboard to the Caribbean sea. Following schools of scad and sardines down the coast, they make an wintertime stop on our reefs to fill up on ballyhoo before making the push south across the Straits of Florida. Anglers from all over visit Key Largo to get multiple shots at sailfish in one day. Double digit catches are not all that uncommon, but timing and skill are everything. On our most recent trip we saw 10, hooked 8 and caught 5. A great day of fishing for any keys charter boat. We also catch blackfin tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo and kingfish while fishing for Sails.

If big fish and constant action sound like fun to you, now is the time to visit the Florida Keys and BOOK a Key Largo fishing charter.

Happy New Year and Tight Lines!

Capt. Dan Matthews


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