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Offshore Big Game Fishing

Venture beyond the reef to experience the thrill of the bluewater hunt just miles offshore of Key Largo.

If catching big game trophy fish is on your agenda, an offshore fishing charter is just what the doctor ordered. Marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo & mahi mahi migrate through waters of the Gulfsteam Current and our proximity to these fertile waters makes it possible to fish deep sea year round. Catch your trophy with Miss Chief Charters!

Reef Fishing

Take a short ride to the amazing coral reefs of the Florida Keys.

Reef fishing is the perfect activity for families with kids or those who dont have a full day to fish. Hundreds of fish species call our reefs home; inlcuding snapper, grouper, hogfish, porgies, mackerel and sharks, to name a few. Consistent action and tasty catches make reef fishing a great choice for kids & adults alike.

Swordfish Trip

Battle a gladiator of the deep!

Test your patience and will against the mighty broadbill swordfish. The waters off Key Largo have become an amazing swordfishery with the development of deep dropping techniques. Swordfish live in depths upward of 2000' during the day time and we are successfully catching swordfish upwards of 600lbs. Pelagic fish such as mahi mahi, wahoo and tuna are also caught during the long runs offshore.

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