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The Florida Keys, like no place else!

Coming to you live from sunny island of Key Largo, I bring you the skinny on all goings on pescatorial!

The sun is shining, the wind is howling and the fish are biting. Must be March Madness in the Florida Keys.

Offshore we are seeing the start of the annual slammer mahi mahi migration through the Straits of Florida. Slammers are trophy mahi mahi over 20 lbs. They are a favorite of anglers here in the FL Keys because of their lightening fast runs, acrobatic leaps and excellent table fare. Along with mahi we are catching blackfin tuna, wahoo, sailfish and the occasional marlin.

If rough seas arent your cup of tea, then a shallow reef fishing trip is right for you. Shallow reef fishing is done in waters protected by the deeper larger barrier reefs of the Keys. Seas are generally half of what the deep sea offers on windy days. Recent catches on the reef have included Hogfish, snapper, grouper, mackerel, sharks, porgies and many more. Constant action and fish up to ten pounds make this trip a winner for families with kids and anyone looking to bring some fish home for dinner.

If you are in South Florida during Spring Break and want to have the experience of a lifetime, give me a call!

Capt. Dan Matthews

Miss Chief Charters


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