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Bring on Spring!

With the end of winter in sight, the Florida Keys are cruising thru Sailfish season. These acrobatic, wily billfish are a Key Largo favorite. The smaller cousin to a marlin, sailfish travel in wolf packs as large as 100 fish! They make their annual migration from the eastern seaboard to the Yucatan peninsula during winter and spring. We find them chasing a variety of baits on the edge of our coral reef and commonly sight cast live baits to them. Its not uncommon to see double digit sailfish on a full day fishing charter, although catching them is another story!

The pursuit of sailfish has evolved into a way of life. Anglers spend billions of dollars yearly chasing these pelagic tricksters. Yearly tournaments are held with the goal of catching and releasing as many sailfish as possible. The largest cash payout Sailfish Tournament in the world takes place next month off Key Largo's shores. Teams from all over the world compete in the Jimmy Johnson Quest for the Ring for cash prizes of 1.2 million dollars. It takes place from Mar 3rd - 7th at Jimmy Johnson's Big Chill restaurant in Key Largo. For more details checkout


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