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2019 Poor Girls Sailfish Tournament

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Another February brings on the 30th Annual Poor Girls Sailfish Tournament back to Islamorada, Florida Keys. This was our second consecutive year fishing the tournament on Miss Chief. Our Anglers were my wife Gemma and friends Cindy & Karissa. Fishing was slow for the majority of the fleet with most boats only getting one shot at a Sailfish. We kite fished with live goggle eyes and threadfin herring the majority of the day but only had three bites. First was a barracuda and the second two happened simultaneously. One line went slack immediately. The second we fought for twenty minutes and brought in a 45lb wahoo. The catch got us the Most Outstanding Catch Award. I’m looking forward to next years Poor Girls. As usual it was a fun day and great event put on by a casting for Cats

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